Bike Swap

This will be our tenth year for the bike swap and we are hoping to build on it once again.  

This year we will be changing things up a little and will be having a single bike swap on April 25th.

This is a great opportunity to make room in your garage, shed, or basement for the new bike you have been waiting for or to get a great deal on a used bike for yourself.

Here is how it works:

* You drop off any bicycle you are interested in selling no sooner than the Thursday before the swap
* We will help you figure out a selling price if you need
* On the Saturday we hold the bike swap and try to sell the bicycle for you
* Any unsold items need to be picked up before the end of the day on the Wednesday following the swap
* If we sell your bike there are two options:
(1) You get 100% of the money if you are using it as an in store credit
(2) 80% of money in cash (Ancaster Cycle taking a 20% commission)