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What Size Bike Do I Need?

Below you will find individual size charts for each frame that Giant, Liv and Norco produce with a height range that each frame suits. There is always a cross over between sizes, if you still need further help to determine the correct size in any bike please do not hesitate to call, email or swing by the store.

Giant Mountain Bike Size Charts

Anthem, XTC, Yukon, Fathom 29, Trance, Trance 29, Reign, Reign 29 & Talon 29


Fathom 27.5 & Talon 27.5

Stance 27.5

Stance 29


Giant Road Bike Size Charts

TCR, Contend AR, Contend



Giant Gravel/Crossbike Bike Size Charts



Giant Hybrid Bike Size Charts

Fastroad Advanced

Fastroad SL

Toughroad GX

Toughroad, Roam, Sedona DX & Escape Disc


Cypress DX

Giant Electric Bike Size Charts

Reign E

Trance E

Stance E

Fathom E Pro

Fathom E

Explore E

Explore E STA

Fastroad E

Liv Mountain Bike Size Charts

Pique 29 Adv, Pique 29, Hail Adv, Intrigue Adv & Intrigue

Hail, Embolden & Tempt

Liv Road Bike Size Charts


Langma Adv Sl & Langma Adv Pro

Langma Adv

Avail Adv Pro

Avail Adv & Avail AR


Liv Hybrid Bike Size Charts

Thrive, Rove, Alight Disc & Alight

Flourish FS & Flourish

Liv Electric Bike Size Charts

Amiti E

Vall E

Embolden E & Intrigue E

Norco Mountain Bike Size Charts

Norco Road/Gravel/Cyclocross Bike Size Charts

Norco Hybrid Bike Size Charts

Kids Bike Size Charts